These Essentials Should Always Be In Your Gym Bag

      Dec 21

We've all been there and done that - hitting the gym only to realize we forgot something essential at home. That's why we've put together this handy dandy checklist of things that should be in your gym bag at all times - read away and start packing!


Attack Of The Munchies

Hunger and thirst can strike at any given point of time, especially when you're sweating it out for a long stretch. Make sure you keep a nutrition bar, a trail mix of nuts, a reusable water bottle filled with H20 to the brim and your favorite sports drink.

Keep It Clean

Let's face it, there are lots of sweaty bodies using everything you're about to touch at the gym. So, carry some hand sanitizer.

Feel Good

Surely you'll want to look and smell your best, right? Well then, throw in a set of face wipes {or, baby wipes}, deodorant {not heavy perfume, which smells terrible when mixed with sweat} and dry shampoo. Add moisturizer, lip balm, extra hair accessories and a hair brush to this mix, too. And, remember to carry a towel.

Look Good

It is very important to pack the right clothes in your gym bag, especially if you're shuttling to or from work. From socks and gym shoes to activewear and a fresh pair of clothes to switch into, always keep wardrobe essentials in your gym bag. And, don't forget to keep a plastic grocery bag, or an extra-large ziplock bag to keep your dirty clothes and shoes separate from everything else.

Get Techie

Dump your iPod shuffle, charger and earphones into your gym bag to pep yourself up throughout your workout. And, don't forget your heart rate monitor. Go ahead and install a few fitness logs onto your phone, as well, so you can keep track of your progress with each passing week.

Prepare For Emergencies

There is always a slight chance of getting injured at the gym, so keeping a few band-aids isn't a bad idea. If you have a tendency to get headaches, add keep important medicine within reach. Tampons {or, sanitary pads} are also good additions to your gym bag. Got a cold? Stock up on tissues, as well.
Do you find this list helpful? Is there something you think we've left out? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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