Never make these Mistakes At The Gym – Be A Fitness Fashionista

      Oct 16

Never make these Mistakes At The Gym – Be A Fitness Fashionista

Feeling comfortable at the gym is important, but that doesn't mean you need to look like a complete fashion disaster. Here are five gym attire no-no's - for both men and women - you should never be found guilty of practicing.

1) Avoid 100% Cotton Fabric


It might be tempting to just put on your old cotton t-shirts and sweats, but it can actually backfire. Cotton absorbs moisture, and it doesn't dry quickly. Do you really want your sweat to stick to you and cause skin allergies? No, we didn't think so, either. Go for moisture-wicking fabrics, and make sure you replace them regularly.

2) Get Your Footwear In Order


Stay grounded – literally. Your feet need the right amount of support, grip and coverage. If your shoes are not giving you the support you need, you could be at risk for injury, including joint paint. Also, remember to replace your shoes from time to time - replace your tennis shoes every 500 miles.

3) Ditch Unsupportive Essentials


Ladies, invest in a good sports bra that gives you enough support and doesn't make you feel self-conscious - it will let you give your workout your very best, and it will also protect your ligaments and tissues in the chest area. If you have a large bust, opt for wider straps and underwire. If you're doing intense cardio or interval training, then your sports bra needs to offer more support than low-impact activities such as yoga. Remember to replenish your collection every six to nine months. And, men, please do not wear ridiculously tight gym shorts, or really tight Lycra bike shorts in light colors, which leave nothing to anyone's imagination. No one, trust us, no one wants to see the shape of your junk.

4)Give Make-Up & Cologne A Rest


Please remember you're working out, not hitting the club. Ladies, don't cake your face in make-up - you're going to sweat. This means, heavy facial moisturizers and foundations can actually mix with your sweat and run into your eyes, causing stinging. Greasy lotions are also a bad idea, because they can make your skin slippery, which is a potential safety hazard. And, men, don't shower yourself in cologne, because the fumes smell stronger after you start sweating, which can cause headaches to those around you. Also, you'll need to shower up after your workout, anyway.

5) Look Like You're Actually Meant To Be Here


Gentlemen, if you're wearing super low-cut tank tops, bro shirts with offensive slogans, or really loose gangsta shorts like you're about to land up in a hip-hop video, you really need to buy yourself a more appropriate workout wardrobe. And, ladies, while we understand you want to feel hot and sexy, extremely short and tight clothes, might actually restrict comfortable movement in certain fitness routines, with, of course, exceptions like pole dancing classes. When in doubt about what to wear, always check with an instructor or trainer. Additionally, avoid really loose-fitted clothes like you're all set to lounge at home. Confused? Clothing should fit properly to aid with better posture, movement and alignment. Nothing too tight, and nothing too loose - find middle ground. Lastly, ditch jewellery and watches, which can get caught in machines and mats and even cause skin irritation.

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