I AM QUITTING THE GYM! : An Alternate Ending

      Oct 18

As he walked out of his office, he took out his wallet and looked at his gym membership card. With absolute resolute he uttered the mantra in his head, “I WANNA QUIT THE GYM”.

Chandler Bing is a man of simple tastes. He likes women, he likes women running in slo-mo, he likes joking around and one thing he is not really fond of, is going to the gym. Why? “Because everything they have is too heavy!”. Now Chandler Bing isn’t a lazy guy, he plays tennis pretty well, he is an expert at playing ping pong and he likes to pretend that he plays basketball.

source: muscleandfItness

He is a guy who would really work for a much more fit body if he is given a much more nurturing environment. An environment, which actually understands his shortcomings and seeks to rectify them. Now Chandler himself had quoted that everything in the gym is too heavy. Why would he say that? We should consider the fact that he might have been lifting weights which were not appropriate for him. This could cause a lot of damage to the human body. No wonder he is considered as the weakest in his friends circle. If he wants to be fit, he has to work in an environment where there are personalised trainers that would look into his body mass and determine the perfect weights for him so that everything wouldn’t be that heavy.

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The key characteristic of Chandler is that he is funny. He is very likeable but very socially awkward. An environment where he could actually connect with people who shares his similar interests (Baywatch! Yeah!) would make him want to work out there and remain fit through the process.

Now Chandler Bing can be a changed man, a fit man, if he wants to. Because nowadays, all of these are available in boutique studios- nurturing environment, personalised trainers, a sense of community and more. Let’s just all hope that Chandler joins one of these boutique studios. Well, maybe he might bring Ross along too!

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