The Ultimate Guide To 2018’s Fitness Resolutions

      Dec 21

It's a new year. It's a new start. And......... it's time for new year's resolutions! But, how likely are you to follow through on your health and fitness goals after the first few weeks? Don't worry - we've put together a guide to help you stay on track throughout all of 2018!


Identify Your Goals

While the vast majority of adults say their new year's resolution is to stay healthy, that's actually rather vague. Do you want to exercise more? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to build core strength? The more specific your resolution and deadlines are, the easier it will be to build a plan (and, schedule) to stay on track.

Foresee Roadblocks & Troubleshoot

Once you've zoned in on a particular resolution, list out all of the obstacles you foresee coming between you and your fitness goals.
For example,
  • are you going to be travelling extensively and cannot commit yourself to visiting the gym regularly? Then, identify exercises you can easily do in the privacy of your hotel room and stick to it.
  • Is time an issue? Perhaps stick to high intensity interval exercises that are less than 5 minutes in duration, but help burn fat and build cardio endurance.
  • Are you running low on funds to even afford gym membership? Not a problem - you can do home-based workouts.
  • Want to lose weight, but there are tons of weddings and parties coming up? That's okay, too - you can figure out a strategy to eat healthier amidst celebrations.
  • Are you too exhausted to take time out to workout after a long day at work? Start doing deskercises and take the stairs instead of the elevator {or, cycle to work}.
  • Do you find it hard to give up on certain favorite foods? Alright - then, focus on portion controlling, rather than feeling guilty and giving up.
Pinpoint upcoming problems, and you'll be able to tackle them one-by-one with proper planning and a positive attitude.

Stay Motivated

It is very easy to start out enthusiastic about meeting your fitness goals. But, with each passing week, most people feel a dip in motivation to follow through on their new year's resolution. This is avoidable, though, through seemingly small steps that work wonders. For example, identifying a friend to head to the gym with, or enrolling in classes with an entire group, can actually act as great support system - you'll have someone to hold you accountable to fitness goals. Start reading fitness books and memoirs of your favorite athletes for inspiration. Update your workout playlist every alternate week to psych yourself up and make your new fitness habits enjoyable. Remind yourself of the personal reasons behind your goals and what all you stand to gain if you follow-through.

Reward Yourself

And, of course, keep rewarding yourself for your progress. Set fitness milestones each month, or every quarter, and reward yourself with something special for added positive reinforcement!
We hope these tips will help you stay committed toward your fitness goals throughout all of 2018. Comment below and keep us in the loop!

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